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Gems and Giants

Gems and Giants is a brand new, four-part fantasy adventure series coming in 2024!

Siria is a noblewoman fighting for equality. Jossryn is a rebel striving for justice.

Together, they must forge a path to freedom through a world filled with magic and mythical creatures.

10% of the profits from the Gems and Giants series is going to UN Women, the global champion for gender equality. They're doing work that Siria would wholeheartedly support.

Song of Storms cover

A noblewoman seized from a ruthless husband.

A rebel fighting for justice.

Enemies forced to unite to survive.

Lleaha is a country on the brink of civil war. The high commander has usurped control from the king and holds the country in the grip of military tyranny.

Siria is married to the high commander, her spirit burning with an unyielding flame for justice. She once believed her husband’s promises of a brighter future but is beginning to question his righteous fervour. She possesses a magical gem, its secret power hidden even from her until desperation unlocks its potential.

Jossryn is a monarchist rebel, his true identity shrouded in secrets. When he seizes Siria from her gilded cage, he wants to turn her to his cause but when they face an even greater threat to their freedom, he must confront the darkness of his past and decide whether to trust the wife of his greatest enemy.

Together, Siria and Jossryn must fight first for their own freedom and then the liberation of their country. As their journey unfolds, they will be tested in ways they never imagined, and the true cost of their defiance will become painfully clear.

Siria and Jossryn

Ethra Born

Ethra Born is a clean fantasy adventure series with strong female characters exploring life’s deepest truths.

It is set in the same world as Gems and Giants but a century later,

following Siria and Jossryn's great-grandson, Theo.

A woman with long brown hair is holding out her hand in a stop gesture, green light is curling around her arm

Lowenna has vivid dreams which connect her to Ethra, the world's spirit. She can channel immense power, yet she fears her magic almost as much as she fears those who would annihilate all she holds sacred.

She is a healer, all life is sacred, yet she has to kill him…

Our world has a spirit, Goddess Ethra. When we’re born, a part of her spirit is born with us and when we die, that part of us returns to the world’s spirit. Our actions return to the Goddess, shaping her energy.

Lowenna is an orphan, raised by the Priestesses of the Goddess and trained to be a healer. Her only clue to her true identity is the vivid dreams which haunt her sleep. When she dreams about Theo, she sees not only his death but a way to save him. When Theo starts sharing her dreams, Lowenna is forced to leave her home to find the answers she's been desperately seeking her entire life.

Meanwhile, an evil sorcerer is using dark magic and only Lowenna can stop him.

Gathering Darkness is a spiritual quest, a combination of Paulo Coelho and Robin Hobb, delving into life’s ultimate question: who are you really?

Gathering Darkness novel
Strengthening Spirit novel

​​She’s been repressing her power, yet it may be the only way to save herself…

For a decade, Lowenna has been living with Theo and Hope in the Temple of the Goddess, pretending to be normal. She is not. She is Ethra Born. She can connect to the world’s spirit and channel the power of Goddess Ethra.

When Lowenna is ripped from her home and family, she is captured by the wild shapeshifter, Karnoss. But before he can use her healing powers, he has to tempt her into reconnecting with the secret magic she has been denying.

Meanwhile, a magus is plotting to use Lowenna’s magic to power his desperate redemption, using Karnoss to lure her into his trap.

Strengthening Spirit is a call to all those afraid to step into their power. With the courage of Philip Pullman's Lyra and the determination of Rebecca Yarros’s Violet, will Lowenna find the strength to wield her magic before it is used against her?

She knew who he was and decided to help him anyway…

A decade has passed since the events of Strengthening Spirit. Hope is now a young woman, living with Lowenna and Theo in Westfalls where they grow medicinal herbs. There, Hope meets Harrison.

Harrison is a man with many secrets. He's accused of being a traitor, which he's not. Although he also wasn't the King's Watch officer that he was pretending to be. Hope heals him, knowing that he is a shapeshifter, a criminal, and then she too, is branded a traitor. Hope has her own secrets, a unique magic that has an unexpected reaction to Harrison.

Together, they must uncover the treachery which has infiltrated the King's Watch and spread out to the Pinnate Isles. The very Isles from which Harrison was exiled. He must decide what he is willing to risk in order to find the answers he needs.

Hope must decide if she will stand by his side or wonder if she ever really knew him at all.

Risking Honesty cover
Drowning Deceit

What is she willing to sacrifice to save those she loves?

Harrison has become Falchar. He has reclaimed his birth name. He has claimed the role of Kepala of the Pinnate Isles. A year into the position and he is struggling to protect his heritage, with rival factions waging a secret war.

It’s a year since Hope left and she returns with disturbing news. She must dive into the depths of her unique powers to find the answers she’s desperately seeking. But the more she uncovers, the more entangled she becomes.

Meanwhile, a creature of legend lurks beneath the surface, just waiting to drown them all.

Hope is a mix of Tamora Pierce’s Daine and Veronica Roth’s Tris, with a hint of George R. R. Martin's Arya Stark. Hope must trust in her own strength if she is to survive. 

Kathryn Nelson

I'm a writer of honest fantasy, genuine heroines and wellness wisdom.

I live in Northern Ireland with my husband and two Irish red setters.

I write every day, sitting at a sunny desk overlooking my wild garden. I enjoy long walks in the hills and by the coast, whilst conjuring dragons from the sky, questing for selkie in the sea, and conversing with fairies in the woods.

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Honest fantasy is about real people in fantasy worlds who are relatable, who in their alien place can reveal to us truths about our own place. I use magic, fantastical creatures and imagined worlds to explore subjects close to home.


Genuine heroines are women who are tough, yet kind, who can rescue themselves, yet welcome the support of friends. They don’t wear bikini armour and they don’t fight hordes of baddies after three days of no sleep and no food. Inspired by genuine heroines throughout history, I write female characters with depth, complexity and passion.


Wellness wisdom is kind words for hard days. I use stories to explore life's big questions about self and society, relationships and power. My characters face challenging emotions which lead to profound insights. Their struggles and resilience provide hope and inspiration.

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