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Notebook and Fountain Pen

Kathryn Nelson

Writing honest fantasy, genuine heroines and wellness wisdom

Book 1 of the Ethra Born series, Gathering Darkness, is available from Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback.


She dreams,
Dreams connect,
To other lives,
To latent power,
Power entices him,
He craves it, needs it,
He is a destroyer,
She is a healer,
He is gathering darkness...

Gathering Darkness novel
Strengthening Spirit novel

Book 2 of the Ethra Born series, Strengthening Spirit, is available from Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback.

In an ancient forest,

A sickness is spreading,

Ancient spirits weakening,

And old friends trapped.

A healer is summoned

But becomes entangled

In a past long lost

And a future out of reach.

In an ancient forest,

Tangled paths converge

On the journey to Strengthening Spirit…

Book 3 of the Ethra Born series, Risking Honesty, is available from Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback.

A spy and a healer,
One innocent and honest,
The other a scoundrel,
Denying his heritage.
Together, they must unravel
Tangled lies and deep secrets.
They must decide
If it is worth Risking Honesty...

Risking Honesty cover
Drowning Deceit

Book 4 of the Ethra Born series, Drowning Deceit, is available from Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback!


Across windswept islands

A secret war is waged

Between tradition and survival

He is a leader at war with himself

So many secrets buried deep

She is a healer, a messenger, an envoy

Not at all who she appears to be

Both of them entangled

In Drowning Deceit…

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