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I'm a writer of honest fantasy, genuine heroines and wellness wisdom.

I live in Brighton, UK, with my husband and two Irish red setters.

I write every day, sitting at a sunny desk overlooking my wild garden. I enjoy long walks on the Downs and by the coast, whilst conjuring dragons from the sky, questing for krakens in the sea and conversing with fairies in the woods.

I write novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. My novels are light fantasy adventures and I have a series of short stories called Visions of Hope, focussing on uplifting, positive stories of human kindness and nature wellbeing.

Honest fantasy is about real people in fantasy worlds who are relatable, who in their alien place can reveal to us truths about our own place. I use magic, fantastical creatures and imagined worlds to explore subjects close to home.


Genuine heroines are women who are tough, yet kind, who can rescue themselves, yet welcome the support of friends. They don’t wear bikini armour and they don’t fight hordes of baddies after three days of no sleep and no food. Inspired by genuine heroines throughout history, I write female characters with depth, complexity and passion. Check out my blog posts about historical women who have inspired my fictional heroines.


Wellness wisdom is kind words for hard days. Mental health affects many people, yet it is still stigmatised and misunderstood in some places. My characters' struggles and resilience provide hope and inspiration.

Notebook and Fountain Pen