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Ethra Born

Lowenna is a healer priestess who has vivid dreams which connect her to Ethra, the world's spirit. Lowenna is Ethra born. Yet she fears her power almost as much as she fears those who would annihilate all she holds sacred. She delves into the deepest question of our lives; who are we?


Her daughter, too, has unusual abilities. Hope embodies her namesake. She offers hope to those in pain, who are suffering and alone. Yet not everyone welcomes her help. She must learn to trust those who will help her in return. She must come to realise that not everyone can be saved.


In a world of magic and monsters, Lowenna and Hope are forced to understand their powers before their powers are used against them.

Gathering Darkness front cover

Gathering Darkness

Ethra Born 1

SS paperback cover 2021

Strengthening Spirit

Ethra Born 2

Risking Honesty

Risking Honesty

Ethra Born 3

Drowning Deceit cover

Drowning Deceit

Ethra Born 4

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