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Drowning Deceit

The Ethra Born series started with Gathering Darkness and continued with Strengthening Spirit and Risking Honesty.

Drowning Deceit is the fourth and final book in the Ethra Born series.

It is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon.

Drowning Deceit

What is she willing to sacrifice to save those she loves?

Harrison has become Falchar. He has reclaimed his birth name. He has claimed the role of Kepala of the Pinnate Isles. A year into the position and he is struggling to protect his heritage, with rival factions waging a secret war.

It’s a year since Hope left and she returns with disturbing news. She must dive into the depths of her unique powers to find the answers she’s desperately seeking. But the more she uncovers, the more entangled she becomes.

Meanwhile, a creature of legend lurks beneath the surface, just waiting to drown them all.

Hope is a mix of Tamora Pierce’s Daine and Veronica Roth’s Tris, with a hint of George R. R. Martin's Arya Stark. Hope must trust in her own strength if she is to survive.

Excerpt from Chapter 1


“What’s your name?” he managed to ask before all the air left his lungs and his throat closed.

“Hope,” he whispered.



His name sounded strange from her lips. No one had called him that in a long time.


“Falchar,” she amended. “Are you well?” She spoke in the common language.


“Yes.” He cleared his throat. “Yes. It’s good to see you. I had hoped-“


She held up a hand to forestall his words.


“I do truly carry a message from your uncle. It’s Ryden. He’s missing. That’s why I’m here.”


Falchar sat back in his chair. The way she spoke his cousin’s name, the pinched look of worry around her eyes, her reason for visiting, all combined to cause an icy wash of dread.


“Please, Harrison, I need your help.”

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