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Gathering Darkness

The Ethra Born series starts with Gathering Darkness, followed by Strengthening Spirit, Risking Honesty and Drowning Deceit.

Gathering Darkness is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon.

Gathering Darkness novel

She is a healer, all life is sacred, yet she has to kill him…

Our world has a spirit, Goddess Ethra. When we’re born, a part of Her spirit is born with us and when we die, that part of us returns to the world’s spirit. Our actions return to the Goddess, shaping her energy.

Lowenna is an orphan, raised by the Priestesses of the Goddess and trained to be a healer. Her only clue to her true identity is the vivid dreams which haunt her sleep. When she dreams about Theo, she sees not only his death but a way to save him. When Theo starts sharing her dreams, Lowenna is forced to leave her home to find the answers she's been desperately seeking her entire life.

Meanwhile, an evil sorcerer is using dark magic and only Lowenna can stop him.

Gathering Darkness is a spiritual quest, a combination of Paulo Coelho and Robin Hobb, delving into life’s ultimate question: who are you really?

Excerpt from Gathering Darkness

The door opened, interrupting them and in walked a tall man with bushy auburn hair and bright blue eyes. A bow and a quiver of arrows were slung across his shoulders and he was carrying two packs. He put the packs down next to Theo’s bed.


Lowenna stumbled back. Last night, she had seen the man’s face filled with shock, eyes wide, a crossbow bolt buried in his throat. He was the rider, the archer in her dream. She had never before met someone she had dreamt about.

“How are you?” he asked Theo, oblivious of Lowenna’s dazed stare.

“Better than I was last night,” Theo replied.

“Good, I’m glad you’re alright.” The newcomer turned to Lowenna and performed a florid bow. “I am Kael, Priestess,” he announced.

“He’s always showing off,” grumbled Theo but his eyes glittered with merriment.

“I am not a priestess,” said Lowenna, bemused by the pair, pretending that she was not deeply shocked by Kael’s appearance in the temple, by the knowledge she carried about his future. “This is my home and I’m a healer but I have not taken the vows to become a priestess.”

“My apologies, healer.”

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