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Book release announcement

10th September.

Ethra Born 3.

The next instalment in the acclaimed fantasy series.

A decade has passed since the events of Strengthening Spirit. Hope lives with Lowenna and Theo at Westfalls where they grow medicinal herbs for the healer priestesses. There Hope meets Harrison.

Harrison is a man with many secrets. Even Harrison is not his birth name. He's not even really a man, as he can shift into the form of a hawk. He's accused of being a traitor, which he's not. Although he also wasn't the King's Watch officer that he was pretending to be.

Hope heals him, knowing that he is a shifter, a criminal, and then she too, is branded a traitor.

Together, they must uncover the true treachery which has infiltrated the King's Watch and has spread out to the Pinnate Isles. The very Isles from which Harrison was exiled. But if he is to save Hope, his parents and his homeland, he will have to seek the truth in the most unlikely places. He must risk honesty to find the answers he needs.

Hope must decide if she will stand by his side or wonder if she ever really knew him at all.

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