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Drowning Deceit

When I started writing the first book in the Ethra Born series, Gathering Darkness, I didn’t imagine that I would be here now on the cusp of publishing the fourth book, Drowning Deceit. Partly because I was planning on the series being a trilogy. But when I came to the end of writing book 3, Risking Honesty, I just knew that there was another story that needed to be told. Hope needed a happy ending. We needed to find out more about the mysterious Harrison, or is it Falchar?

At the end of Risking Honesty, Hope walks away from him and returns home. In Drowning Deceit, events turn her back towards the Pinnate Isles. There, she will face challenges which test her to her core, make her question everything she believes to be true and forces her to make choices which will change the world forever. Will she be able to find the happy ending she’s been looking for?

Drowning Deceit is immersed in layers of secrets. It's the untruths we tell to others and whisper to ourselves. It’s those lies which keep us safe. It's the deceit we use to smother honesty. Falchar has reclaimed his birth name but continues to deny his heritage. Hope is a healer, a messenger, an envoy, not at all who she appears to be. In the treacherous waters of the Pinnate Isles, across the windswept islands, beneath the surface, there lurks a danger that would drown them all.

Cover art reveal and publication date announcement coming soon.

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