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Interview with Lowenna (part 2)

Hi, Lowenna. Thanks for inviting me back. Last time we talked about the Temple of the Goddess here in Jennston, how you’ve lived here your whole life and a bit about what happens here. I wanted to start by asking you a little bit more about what the priestesses do.

Well, the Priestesses of the Goddess provide free healing to anyone. We don’t turn anyone away. Some people can afford a private physician but most cannot. We get some funding from the King, but we rely heavily on donations. We require all patients to adhere to our tenets of care, compassion and contemplation. Other than that, we’ll treat everyone fairly and won’t ask any more questions than needed in order to provide healing. We respect our patients’ privacy.

That’s really great and clearly a crucial role in society. So, the priestesses’ main role is to provide healing?

Yes, predominately healing but we also grow, prepare and sell healing herbs. We provide meditation, spiritual and religious guidance. We perform ceremonies like marriages, naming ceremonies for babies and passing ceremonies for those who have returned to the Goddess. We also celebrate the eight festivals of the year which reflect the natural cycles of the seasons, midsummer and midwinter being two examples.

Alright, so the priestesses are a really important part of society, providing a variety of functions for the citizens. Not just providing healing for physical aspects but also looking after spiritual wellbeing. Last time, you told me a bit about your healer training. How is that related to becoming a priestess?

All priestesses are trained healers. Some choose to focus more on the herb lore and the physical healing, whereas others choose to concentrate on the ceremonies and the spiritual aspects, or a combination of both.

So, you’re a priestess? Ah, I can see from your expression that was the wrong question to ask. I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer if you aren’t comfortable.

No, it’s fine. It’s just that not everyone understands and it’s a little bit difficult to explain. The other priestesses are putting on some pressure for me to take the vows but I don’t feel ready yet. I love being a healer. I love helping people, making them better. I enjoy learning all the herb lore and medicinal treatments, I find that all fascinating and feel like there’s still so much more to learn too. I also like the tranquillity and rhythms of the Temple. I just can’t imagine being a priestess, it just isn’t me.

Alright. Let’s leave it there for now and we’ll continue this next time.

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