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Interview with Lowenna (part 5)

Thanks for inviting me back, Lowenna. Today, I wanted to ask you about your dog, Wraith. He lives here at the temple?

Yes, that’s right. He’s not allowed inside but he has a shelter in the garden. He’s a good guard dog. Also, he’s free to wander, we don’t keep him locked up here. He comes and goes as he pleases. When I travel, he comes with me. He’s very loyal.

He sounds like a good companion. Could you describe him?

His shoulder’s about level with my waist. When he puts his paws up on my shoulders – if he hasn’t knocked me over – he’s taller than I am. He weighs more too. He’s got soft, black fur and really soft ears. Some people find him a bit intimidating and he can be fierce if he feels I’m being threatened but, for me, he’s a real puppy. He loves ear rubs and tummy scratches. He’s a good hunter, everything from rats to rabbits to game birds. He did try to catch a deer once but it kicked him in the ribs and he’s been wary of them ever since.

That’s a big dog. I can see why some people might be intimidated by him. How did he end up living here?

I found him in the garden here. He was this little – well, actually not so little – puppy, shivering under a rosemary bush. I brought him inside and fed him, warmed him up. After that, I couldn’t get rid of him.

Well, Lowenna, I think that’s a fitting place to end this series of interviews. Thank you so much for your time. One last question; what’s next for you?

My main focus is studying healing. There’s still so much to learn, despite how far I’ve come. There’s still so much that healers in general don’t know. If only we could do more, we could help more people. We could ease their pain and bring greater wellbeing into their lives. That’s what drives me, I want to help people.

That’s incredible. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you, Lowenna


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