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We all need a healthy balanced diet. Plenty of fruit and veg, some protein and carbs, a bit of fat and sugar. We also know what's not good for us, just as we enjoy those sweet treats and take-aways now and again. Food is physical nourishment and I'd argue that this could extend to include healthy amounts of sleep and exercise too. Nourishing our physical body is about taking care of ourselves, looking after us and respecting our needs.

There's another aspect to nourishment too, which is often neglected in this fast paced, busy world. It's about what we take in with regards to stories. Books and news, music and talking with friends, TV shows and films, websites and social media feeds. Every day, we make decisions about what we watch and listen to, about what we take in, consume, absorb. And just like we can decide to reach for an apple rather than eat a chocolate bar, we can choose stories which are healthier for us. We can focus on good news stories like those at Future Crunch or Good News Network rather than consuming depressing, stress-inducing mainstream media. We can watch fascinating videos about engineering, maths, science, nature, wildlife or any creative, uplifting topic you can think of, instead of moaning, backstabbing soap operas or gut-wrenching, fear-mongering dramas.

We can read stories which expand our minds and question our beliefs. We can make sure that we tell stories which are founded on evidence-based facts, which help others, reassure and comfort them. We can be inspired by those who are courageous, compassionate, contemplative. The stories we read and the stories we tell are part of what defines us. Just as 'we are what we eat', so too are we the stories we tell.

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