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I can hardly believe it! I'm so excited to say that publication day is nearly here. On Friday, Strengthening Spirit, Ethra Born 2, is going to be published. It will be available in Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon.

Looking for a story that has magic, adventure and genuine heroines?

Strengthening Spirit forces Lowenna to leave her home and her family to help Karnoss, the forest spirit, who is in desperate need of a healer. I wrote the first draft a few years ago, before there was any talk of coronavirus. I know this is a sensitive time to publish a story with one of the central themes being sickness, but it's a completely different scenario in Strengthening Spirit. And, in case you're wondering, there is a happy ending.

I believe that Strengthening Spirit is ultimately an up-lifting story. The characters overcome the challenges that block their journey, demonstrating ingenuity, fortitude and compassion, resulting in personal growth and in the end, a better world. As Hope would say, we see that there is always hope.

Enjoy reading authors such as Robin Hobb, David Eddings and Tamora Pierce?

Strengthening Spirit tests friendships, loyalty and family ties. Lowenna questions who she is and what she is willing to do for those she loves and what she is willing to sacrifice. The natural splendour of the forest is revealed and we see its complex diversity, as well as its fragility. There's a deep message of taking responsibility for our actions and owning the consequences.

Want to know more?

Check out the book trailer created in collaboration with the maker, Infinity Mind.

The first chapter of Strengthening Spirit is available here.

Previous blog posts, which include flash fiction pieces about Karnoss and his forest, and a five part interview with Lowenna, are available here.

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