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Risking Honesty was released on Friday!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have published my third novel. Risking Honesty continues the Ethra Born series which started with Gathering Darkness and was followed by Strengthening Spirit. Each novel is set ten years apart and follows Lowenna, a healer priestess in training who is haunted by vivid dreams, as she struggles to come to terms with who she is and the power she holds.

In Gathering Darkness, Lowenna is living in the Temple of the Goddess in Jennston with her adoptive mother and the other priestesses. Her dreams immerse her in the lives of people she has never met. That is until Theo and Kael. She foresees not only their deaths but a way to save them, launching them on an adventure across the country and back, as Lowenna races to discover the truth about herself before the gathering darkness catches up with her.

In Strengthening Spirit, Lowenna is living in the Temple with her husband, Theo, and their adopted daughter, Hope. A decade has passed and they’re settled into the duties and rhythms of the lives they have built. That is until an old friend brings a desperate plea for help and they embark on a quest to rescue their friend, only to discover that all was not as it seemed and that darker, more complex forces are at play.

In Risking Honesty, Lowenna, Theo and Hope are living at Westfalls where they grow medicinal plants. Lowenna is still struggling to come to terms with who she is and all that being Ethra Born entails. She craves the peace and contentment that Theo has found in their rural way of life. It is at Westfalls that Hope meets Harrison, a man who is not at all who he seems to be. An act of compassion sets Hope on a course to distant lands in order to uncover the truth at the core of the treasonous plot in which she has become entangled.

Ethra Born 4 will continue the adventures of Hope and Harrison, delving deeper into Harrison’s homeland and the monsters which lurk in the depths. This is scheduled for release next spring.

Risking Honesty is available now on Amazon!

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