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Q&A 2: How did the Ethra Born series begin?

It began with a drawing. A pair of compelling eyes staring right out of the page. A delicate feminine face. A strong, determined expression. A gemstone at her throat, her fingers touching it tentatively.

My pencil conjured this image from the blank page and I wondered; who is she? What is her story?

The first draft was terrible. Yet her character was compelling. She stayed with me. She met a man. They changed the world. I began to wonder what would their children be like, what would their grandchildren, their great, great grandchildren be like. What would the world that this woman with the gem had created be like for her descendants.

She was Theo's great, great grandmother, the seed that started the Ethra Born trilogy. I've since re-written her story and you can read about her adventures in The Blood of Heroes, the prologue to the Ethra Born trilogy.

You just never know where that 'I wonder' will take you...

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