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As a successful, self-published author, I want to help other writers also realise their dream of publishing their story. I can help your dream become reality, whether you are at the very beginning of your author journey or have a completed manuscript.

Developmental editing

Trip Planning

This is the big-picture stage of editing.

Either you are at the very beginning of your project and need some help forming your ideas into a plan, or you have a first draft and are looking for feedback on the plot, structure and character arcs. Maybe you have most of the story in place but need some suggestions for finding your way out of a plot hole.

Whatever your situation, I can help with:

  • inconsistencies in the timeline, plot or characters

  • overall structure, content and organisation

  • setting, world-building, tone and pace

  • character development, realism and connection

  • voice, perspective and the clarity of your vision

£40 per hour or £0.02 per word

depending on your project.

Line editing

This is the detailed stage of editing.

You have a completed manuscript. You've probably been through a couple of rounds of edits already. You are happy with your overall structure, the plot is seamless and you love the characters. Now it's time for the final polish.

I can help with:

  • grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos (British English)

  • inconsistent tenses and points of view

  • sentence and paragraph structure and formatting

  • repetition, cliches, anachronisms

  • suggestions that respect your unique authorial voice

£0.02 per word

Self Study

Cover art

Books are judged by their covers.


The cover art conveys information about the genre, target audience and story. It can elicit a visceral response and prompt a reader to take a closer look.

I can create a genre-specific, contemporary cover either using stock imagery or by creating a bespoke painting, depending on your budget.

£100 to £500 depending on your project.


Writing can be a lonely, difficult process.


Whatever your experience or place on the journey, I can lend you a knowledgeable, supportive ear. Talking through your problems, setting goals and overcoming your struggles are all part of the process but you don't have to go through it alone.

£40 per 1 hour session

Writing on Beach

I specialise in fantasy; epic, urban, contemporary, classic. I'll consider fantasy romance but not dark fantasy, nothing too spicy or too violent.


The timeline for me working on your individual project will depend on the length and complexity of the task. I can set a clear deadline once we have defined the scope of work.

Send me an email at or use the contact form below so we can discuss your specific requirements.

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